• Ambi

2020 Weddings After Shutdown

Quarantine did a number on the wedding industry. There are still couples cancelling, postponing and downsizing their 2020 weddings. We had lots of them ourselves. Between my videographer husband and I, we will be making up for the Covid-19 shutdown well in to 2022.

Now that things are beginning to reopen, we are seeing a lot of couples turning to a small, intimate wedding. Many couples have chosen to elope. We offer several options for couples who want to elope. Not everyone who elopes wants to stand at a counter with their hand up in solemn oath in order to be married. We have scheduled several weddings for couples who want to elope in a beautiful, lush Florida garden as well as couples who are choosing to have a private ceremony on the beach.

Contact Ambi to find out about how Wed By The Sea Beach Weddings can help you organize the elopement in Florida that you've been dreaming of, whether you want to elope on the beach or not! We love to help couples elope in a beautiful garden setting without the mess of the sand from the beach.

Call (386)569-4678 for details!

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